Executive Committee

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David Milley
Assistant Director
University Honors Program
453-2824; milleydr@siu.edu

Jon Shaffer
University Housing
453-2301; jonshaffer@siu.edu

Kathy Smith
Conference Coordinator
Extended Campus
453-3430; kathylsmith@siu.edu 

Michelle Suarez
Executive Director
SIU Alumni Association
453-5855; michelles@alumni.siu.edu

Kathy Jones
Associate Athletics Director
Intercollegiate Athletics
453-5279; ckjones@siu.edu

Pat Manfredi
University Core Curriculum
453-3468; manfredi@siu.edu

Tom Woolf
Associate Director
University Communications and Marketing
453-6796; twoolf@siu.edu

Elyse Hiller
Coordinator | Compliance, Training, Outreach
Financial Aid
453-4334; ehiller@siu.edu

Cordy Love, Co-Director
New Student Programs
453-1000; cordy@siu.edu

Nick Weshinskey, Co-Director
UCOL 101
536-5558; nick@siu.edu

Tina Gerecke, Co-Director
Administrative Assistant
University College
453-1828; tigerecke@siu.edu

Laurie Bell, Ex-Officio Director
Interim Dean
University College
453-1828; lbell@siu.edu




Ras Michael Brown, associate professor, History
Elyse Hiller, training and outreach coordinator for compliance, Financial Aid
Holly Hurlburt, associate professor, History
Gabrielle Kasparie, junior, Marketing
Meera Komarraju, dean, College of Liberal Arts
Zachary Myers, junior, History
Zanna Shafer, third-year student, Law
Harleigh Williams, junior, Psychology
Patsy Manfredi, co-chair
David Milley, co-chair


Thomas Birch, junior, Computer Engineering
Leslie Brock, conference coordinator, Conference and Scheduling Services
Todd Bryson, assistant director, University Housing
Brandon Canaday, sophomore, Aviation Flight
Chris Glidewell, director, Risk Management
Jessica Piper, assistant manager, Travel Service
Kayla Reed, hall director, University Housing
Katherine Sartori, assistant director, University Housing
Elizabeth Scally, associate director, University Housing
David Tippy, superintendent, Grounds
Troy Vaughn, director, Recreational Sports and Services
Jon Shaffer, co-chair
Kathy Smith, co-chair


Tamarah Cook, social media strategy specialist, University Communications & Marketing
Ben Handler, junior, Management, Undergraduate Student Government vice president
Kim Little, director of undergraduate online student services, College of Business
Helen Niemerg, junior, Biological Sciences
Paula Roa, director of alumni affairs, School of Law
Michelle Suarez, co-chair
Tom Woolf, co-chair


Isaac Harris, sophomore, Zoology
Carolin Harvey, accountant, Registrar’s Office
Ryan Michalesko, sophomore, Aviation Flight
Mythili Rundblad, director, Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism
Sherry Smedshammer, volunteer, Dean of Students Office
Joshua Sykes, sophomore, Electrical Engineering
Cordy Love, co-chair
Elyse Hiller, co-chair


Michael Forst, teaching assistant, Communication Studies
Jeff Goelz, assistant director, Recreational Sports and Services
Lori Merrill-Fink, director, University Honors
William Schefelbein, junior, Management
Gena Stack, assistant director, New Student Programs
Kathy Jones, co-chair
Nick Weshinskey, co-chair


Special thanks to Texas A&M University, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Virgina Tech, and the University of Kansas for generously allowing SIU to adapt content from their The Big Event webpages.